How we connect

There’s this saying about how your network is your net-worth. I’d like to believe that’s true. We can do so much more together. Learn more about the upcoming places were you can connect either through a training, happy hour, meet-up, networking event and much more.


The Art of Networking- September

3 sEPTEMBER 2019

If it’s not what you know but who you know, here’s an awesome chance to get to know some folks. Join us every 1st Tuesday for the art of networking and meet some like or not so like minded individuals


5 sEPTEMBER 2019

Interested in HR Certification but can’t make it to an in person class? Look no further. This is for the student who is interested in an instructor led course but would like to do so from the comfort of their home. Classes are held on Thursday nights

Your next event could be here


Whether you are offering a training course, information session or simply hosting a meet up, please send us a link with the details and we will include your info here.