Spinach Chicken Wraps

One of the things I often struggle with during the week is ensuring that I’ve made a conscious effort to plan my meals. Meal prepping is not only a way to eat healthier but it helps to save money as well. When I consider my budgeting goals, it’s extremely important to plan your goals and stick to them. For this week’s meal prep, I am sharing my lunch meals and how easy it is for you to make these as well.


  • 1 pack of chicken breast or chicken tenderloins

  • 1 package of spinach tortillas

  • 1 can of black beans

  • 1 package of spinach

  • 2 roma tomatoes

  • Shredded Cheese


  • Grill your chicken breast

  • While your chicken breast is grilling, lay out your tortillas

  • Cut your tomatoes and drain the juice from your beans

  • Begin adding your spinach, beans, tomatoes and shredded cheese

  • After your chicken has finished grilling, you can insert the tenderloin as is or shred it for easy folding.

  • Place the folded wrap onto the grill to seal it

  • Cut it in half and Wa-lah!


Feel free to pair these with fresh fruits or veggies. You can also add some dressing or olive oil mayo for sauce.


I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

Cari Jane