Welcome Grace Church- Career Corner

If someone told you that they would give you 1 million dollars for 5 weeks of your time, would you listen? I think many of us can agree that we would. I’m definitely not guaranteeing a million dollars at the end of the next 5 weeks but I do plan to provide you with a wealth of information that could be life changing.

I am so happy that you all have decided to be a part of this connect group. My goal is to help each of you get closer to the goals you want and land the careers you want and love. The purpose of this email is to help you get a jump start on some of the things you’ll need for this group.

I’m asking for your commitment because I want to see you win.  Give me your commitment for the next 5 weeks to learn the tools that you’ll need to successfully navigate this job search obstacle course.



Cari Hawthorne