New Year.... No Goals

It’s that time of the year. You all know what I’m talking about- New Year, New Me. New Year, New Goals….. Regardless of the stigma that comes with setting New Year goals, it’s still very possible to set these goals and crush them. The New Year tends to signify the start of something new, a chance to start over and begin again.

With this message, I encourage you to be gentle with yourself. Spend time at the vision board parties, make the goals but also spend time celebrating the victories you’ve obtained in the current space. As I think about the last 352 days of this year, I reflect on my own successes, failures, lessons, disappointments and achievements. It becomes a lot easier to focus on the things that we didn’t do well versus those we have. There is success in waking up each morning with the opportunity to learn, do, fail or succeed at something new.

You will make goals; some you will achieve and others you may not. You may make plans and you may not. This journey is yours and yours alone. Do those things that make you happy and forget those that don’t. This year I chose not to make new goals for 2018. Instead, I chose to spend some time reflecting on the milestones of 2017 and the value they’ve added to my life.  

By no means am I suggesting to go into 2018 without any direction. I just don’t believe the New Year is a time to put an undue amount of pressure on yourself to crush 1800 goals. It may simply be one. Some of your 2017 goals may carry over into 2018.  Here’s the shocker: IT’S OKAY.  

As I remind myself, I also remind you to:

  • Be gentle with yourself

  • Be conscious of your wealth

  • Be generous in your giving

  • Be deliberate in your living

  • Be focused on your goals

  • Be cautious and be bold

  • Whatever you chose, be true.

Because the New Year, new morning, new day, new failure, new success, new wealth, new love, new life, new job, new whatever is solely UP TO YOU.

Before I Go: Is this the first time we’ve met? If so, thanks for reading this article and I’d love to connect! I’m Cari Hawthorne, an Army veteran and HR professional who enjoys everything about helping others with their careers. How do you plan for the New Year? I’d love to hear from you.