3 Ways to Get Employers To Come To You

Job searching is such a waste of time because your resume just gets filtered through a computer system and a human never sees it. Most companies are just trying to build their databases. They aren’t really really hiring. It’s not what you know but who you know! Don’t even waste your time completing that application, they already know who they want to hire anyway.

How many times have you said this or heard someone say this about the job searching process? I hear it, read it and have likely said it myself a few times. I understand how frustrating the job search can be. When I returned from Iraq, I thought it would be easy to obtain employment. I thought my military experience would be enough to secure my place in the workforce. Sadly, I was mistaken. I wanted to share some ways that you can get employers to come to you.

In case you didn’t know, almost every company has it’s own internal recruiting team or an agency working to recruit quality candidates on their behalf. While one way may to be through their ATS (applicant tracking system), it is not the only way. Have you tried these below?

Uploading your resume to job boards

Yes, I said it! It’s not a gimmick. When I am looking for talent, I frequently visit job boards. These are job boards like Indeed, Career builder and Monster. These sites are not only for job seekers. They are also a resource for employers to find talent. Take Indeed for example, as a job seeker, when you are looking for employment, you will enter in the search bar your occupation of interest and location. As a recruiter, if I am looking for talent, I enter in the skills I am looking for and location. Indeed will search it’s database of uploaded resumes and match me with candidates accordingly. After looking through these resumes, it will allow me contact these candidates with information about my open position and gauge their interest. The job seeker will have the option to say “thanks but no thanks” or “yes, I’m interested and I’m glad you found me” (not- theses exact phrases but you get the point). Most job boards also have a feature built in to tell recruiters when the last time you updated your resume. This often tells recruiters if you are still actively job searching. Luckily for you, it will take less than five minutes to upload your most recent updated resume.

Targeting your job search

Let’s assume that Indeed or Monster doesn’t work for you because you have very specific skills. There is still a way to use the aforementioned tip. There are a variety of niche industries and believe me, employers are looking for you as well. Websites like https://www.livecareer.com/quintessential/indres provides a list of industry specific job boards. Take pension and retirement professionals for example, this is a very specific occupation. Not only will employers purposely post on occupation specific job boards like Benefits Link in this example, but this is where they will also go to find those professionals.

Using LinkedIn

According to Expanded Ramblings October 2016 report, 94% of employers use LinkedIn to vet candidates. What this means is if you are looking for employment and you are not on LinkedIn, you are severely limiting your job search. LinkedIn has recently implemented a new tool to assist job seekers in letting employers know that they are seeking new opportunities. Not only is this a way employers can find you, it also gives you an opportunity to find out information about the company.

Bonus Plug

For some reason, people tend to shy away from LinkedIn. However, when you think of LinkedIn, it’s a social (professional) media platform just like Instagram or Facebook. Just like you engage with your friends on Facebook and Instagram, you should also engage with your LinkedIn network. You can do this by joining groups specific to your occupation or industry. In most of these groups, they share interesting news about the industry that could potentially help you stay up to date or simply a way to chime in and network with industry professionals alike.

Cari Hawthorne